The provision of innovative financial services and products that offer the greatest customer satisfaction is one of the aims of the Emirates Islamic Bank.

Among those inventive products offered by the bank are credit cards

The Emirates Islamic Abu Dhabi Rewards Credit Card is designed for exclusive use in Abu Dhabi and offers its users an experience that is extremely rewarding. 

The card is Shariah-compliant and allows users to earn more the more they spend. 

The card comes with a number of highlights, including the offer of a free replacement card in the event that the original is lost or stolen and an earning rate with high rewards. 

There are a number of impressive features provided with the  Emirates Islamic Abu Dhabi Rewards Credit Card.

With every 1AED that is spent with the credit card, users will receive two points if it is spent locally or overseas. 

Choice points are only given on transactions made within the established credit limit. 

No points will be earned on transactions that go over that limit.

There are also a few spending categories that only provide 0.50 choice points, including Supermarket Spends, Education, Electronics, Transportation, Real Estate, Telecom, Fuel and Insurance. 

There are also a number of different ways provided for customers to settle their card payments. 

These include cheque payments, which can be deposited with the use of the Dropbox featured in some designated bank branches. 

The online banking service can also be used to settle the card bills, as can Cash Deposit Machines. 

The online banking service also offers an Auto Payment Facility to have monthly payments scheduled automatically. 

Payments can also be made via Exchange Houses in the United Arab Emirates.

This payment option can be used at the likes of Al Fardan Exchange, UAE Exchange, Al Rostamani Exchange and Al Ansari Exchange. 

Cardholders can also pay at the counter during operating hours at any branch of the Emirates Islamic Bank.

Cash withdrawal is another feature of this card – cash can be withdrawn from any ATM in the world or any bank branch in the event of a need for immediate cash. 

The Emirates Islamic Abu Dhabi Rewards Credit Card also comes with a number of additional benefits, including supplementary cards.

Family members of a cardholder can join in on the benefits and rewards of the card – the credit card owner can opt to have up to as many as four supplementary credit cards at no extra cost. 

Every 1AED spent using the card can also be redeemed for a large array of different services, including air miles, entertainment and electronics or a reduction of the card’s annual fee. 

For example, 1,500 Etihad Guest Miles can be redeemed for 14,000 points or 2,000 miles for 16,000 points. 

Mastercard and Emirates Islamic Abu Dhabi Rewards Credit Card also provide exclusive offers from Mazaya in the form of attractive discounts and deals with partner retailers and restaurants. 

These offers include exclusive travel benefits and 30% dining discounts across the UAE.

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