In recent years, credit cards have become so much more than just a temporary loan. They have become a way of living and a unique part of the world’s economy. Credit cards now come with lots of perks and enticing benefits that can put some of that cash right back in your pocket. 

For credit cards in UAE, there are some options that are a little better than others. We want to help you choose the credit card that will give you the best return. Here are the 4 UAE Credit Cards for Awesome Perks.

1. Emirates NBD’s Titanium Credit Card

This Titanium Credit Card through Emirates NBD is perfect for adding a boost to your lifestyle. It offers 1+ points for your transactions in grocery stores, on insurance, gas purchases, real estate, and more. You can get credit for the day-to-day purchases you’re already making. You could earn one 1+ point for every AED 100 that you spend. 

The card also offers VIP access to 10 airport lounges in Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, and UAE. It can also get you some snacks and drinks along the way. Next time you fly, you can travel in style and maximum comfort. 

For golf enthusiasts, you can even get a major discount of 40% at some of the best courses around the world. With over 100 courses on the list, you’ll be in tee-off heaven. 

2. Citibank’s Cashback Credit Card

If you’re looking for the best cash return options for the money you spend, then the Cashback Card from Citibank is the one for you. It offers excellent money back rates for everything you spend. All purchases will get at least 1% back. 

However, money you spend at grocery stores will get you 2% back, and anything you buy internationally will get you 4% back. They even offer lots of entertainment and dining discounts for international purchases, to help you have a great time as you travel. 

Citibank knows you hate fees, so they have a no-fee policy in the first year, and options for getting rid of fees in the second year. Now, this card does come with a minimum salary requirement of AED 8,000 per month. But if you hit that, these perks could help you maximize your budget. 

3. ADIB’s Value+ Credit Card

Try out the Value+ Card with ADIB. It’s flexibility makes it easy to buy more of your favorite things. ADIB has a rewards program where you can earn points from the money you spend on your card. But, you can redeem those points for airline tickets and vouchers at shopping malls. 

If you’re a mall-lover, you’ll be able to use these points at the Sharjah Mega Mall, the Abu Dhabi Mall, and the Sahara Centre. If you get hungry after a day of shopping, ADIB also has a smartdeals app that allows you to connect your card and get great dining discounts too. 

ADIB understands that sometimes you need access to cash fast. To help you out, they offer a Cash On Call program that lets you pull out cash up to your available limit. They also have online bill-pay options, so you can pay utility bills easily with your Value+ Card. 

Our Vote

If you’re looking at these options and trying to decide which card to apply for, we would definitely recommend the Citibank Cashback Card. No matter what you buy, you get to put money back in your pocket. If you are smart with your card, this can add up! Plus, Citibank has a quick application process and offers quick loans, instalment plans, and secure transactions. Their options are full of flexibility to meet your needs.  

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