Using credit cards to shop for gifts, whether they are for birthdays, anniversaries or the festive season, is a smart move since spending on most credit cards will earn some cashback, air miles or other form of reward points.

In this day and age, almost everyone in the United Arab Emirates has at least one rewards credit card, and provided that it is not used to spend to an excessive degree, it can be very useful to use such a card to buy gifts.

Many credit card accounts actually come with rewards that could work well when trying to think of gifts to give to someone, and many people are unaware of just how many rewards they may have actually accumulated with their card.

Of course, not every rewards credit card comes with the same kinds of benefits and features, and there are a few tips that users need to keep in mind if they wish to use their card to help with the buying of gifts.

For anyone who does not already have one of the many rewards credit cards that the UAE has to offer, an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other event is a great time to get one.

A new user will also be able to apply for a rewards credit card for items that they are likely to buy in their everyday life.

Some new cardholders may also be fortunate enough to gain a sign-up bonus for new members, which can be enormous.

Those bonuses are usually subject to a certain amount of money being spent with the credit card, but that can be more easily achieved if you are more likely to spend more on gifts.

These bonuses are usually made available in the form of air miles, cashback or some other form of rewards.

One thing that new users need to take into consideration is that they should only sign up to get a new credit card if they are sure about their spending budget and are certain that they can use it responsibly.

It is a bad idea to end up in debt because the cost of spending ends up being more than the value offered by even the best UAE rewards credit cards.

The great majority of rewards credit cards in the UAE provide additional rewards on particular spending categories.

It is crucial for users to be fully aware of the kind of spending that will get the most rewards from their credit cards, which can help with using a credit card in a strategic way for a number of different purchases.

Anyone who uses the credit card to shop for a gift should try to do so in an outlet that provides extra rewards, with gift cards being available in many petrol stations or grocery stores in the UAE.

All cards do not necessarily offer rewards for gift card purchases, so it is important to ensure that the card being used does offer rewards on those spending categories.

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