Using a Credit Card when you go on vacation can help to keep your accounts secure, and can give you a stress-free traveling experience. But what if your card could do more for you? 

These UAE Credit Cards make perfect travel companions. They can help you save money, save up your rewards, and find more things to do on your next adventure. Here are the top 4 Credit Cards for travellers from UAE. 

1. ADCB Traveller Credit Card

You have to check out the Traveller Card from ADCB. This card can get you in to 900 different airport lounges around the world, and you’re friends or family can come in with you too if they are supplementary card holders. 

No matter what airline you fly with, this traveller’s card can get you an automatic 20% off all of your tickets. And it works with any class too. Then once you land, ADCB can get you an additional 20% off your hotel. Just for signing up, you get a free 2-night stay and (with required purchased) you can get up to 6 nights. 

2. CBD World Mastercard

The World Mastercard with CBD. This card also gets you into over 900 airport lounges in 135 different countries. 

When you arrive at your destination, the World Mastercard can get you complimentary nights at the Marriott Bonvoy Hotels and discounts with Or, if you have an extended stay, you can get 10% off your stay at a Onefinestay luxury Apartment. 

If you need a ride during your trip, you can use your card for a chauffeur with 20% discount on Careem Rides, or major perks with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. You can also get great vacation package deals through their Priceless Perks program to make sure you hit up all the best spots on your trip. 

3. Deem Miles Up Credit Card

Deem has put out their Miles Up Credit Card, which offers three options to suit your needs. They have the Titanium, Platinum, and World card – each one with different perks and benefits. Out of the options, the World card seems to offer the maximum benefits for travels. It has 5 times the miles up rewards on your travel expenses (hotels, plane tickets, etc.). You can get complimentary valet parking through Valtrans and hotel stays through Marriott Bonvoy hotels. The card gives you a discount for Onefinestay as well, and provides the highest airport lounge access around the world compared to the other cards on this list. 

These cards do come with some income requirements though. You’ll need between AED 5,000 and AED 25,000 per month to qualify for these cards. But if they work for your budget, they would be a great option for frequent travellers. 

4. ADIB Etihad Gold Card

We also recommend taking a closer look at the Etihad Gold Card through ADIB. This card is phenomenal if you prefer to travel with a friend. It boasts some of the best guest-perks in the UAE, with 35,000 guest miles. They even offer a free ticket for your guest. And if you don’t fly with a companion, you can use some of those miles to cover the cards annual fees. 

You get free roadside assistance if you’re stranded somewhere on your trip, and withdrawal allowance of up to 100% of your limit for when you need cash during your travels. 

Any of these options give you options and flexibility that can add to your travel plans. So the next time you’re setting off to see the world, make sure to keep one of these great cards in your pocket for an even better trip. 

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