The Citibank credit card has introduced a new feature that could cut down on costs for people wanting to take a holiday even if they do not have thousands of miles or points on their cards.

It is a good idea to pay for everything with a credit card as it allows for the earning of air miles, cashback and reward points even as people buy the things they were intending to purchase anyway.

This helps to make the most of all received rewards and keep track of how much is actually being spent overall, which is much more difficult to do when paying for things just with cash.

Now, Citibank credit card users are able to make use of a new payment solution that is the first of its type within the United Arab Emirates to have large payments turned into large rewards while earning miles and points as they do so.

The new PayAll system allows for recurring or one-time payments to be scheduled with the use of the Citi credit card, and miles or points akin to those of standard retail transactions will be earned.

Users need to select a reason for the payment, such as school fees or rent, and pay a processing fee for every transaction.

The transfer will be complete in a maximum of seven working days.

This brand-new feature is a real game-changer for credit cards in the UAE.

By allowing recurring expenses such as rent or large one-off payments to be paid with the use of a credit card, the sting of such expenditures is muted by the ability to earn many valuable reward points.

Expenses such as school fees and rent are large payments but also among the most important that people make, and the new feature means that the credit card will pay them automatically to avoid users ever missing a payment.

The fact that big payments such as residential property management fees can be paid for by the credit card also means that customers have to spend less time keeping on top of such payments by not having to use cash or write checks.

This provides cardholders with a lot more flexibility and autonomy.

The new feature is easy to set up for Citi credit card holders.

Users just need to log into the Citi Mobile app, go to the Payment page, and select either the ‘single payment’ option or the ‘recurring payments’ option, which can be set for a period of as long as two years in total.

Customers will need to provide the required payment details, including their name, the amount of money to be paid and their bank account number.

The final step is to choose the credit card they want to use to make the payment.

A payment alert will be received by customers when the payment is made and the credit card statement will reflect the complete transaction amount, including fees.

The service is being offered in the UAE by Emirates-Citibank, Citi Life, Cashback, Citi, City Simplicity, Citi Premier, Citi Rewards and Citi PremierMiles.

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