The Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card ensures that its members can get cashback with everything they buy and provides unlimited cashback rewards that result in tremendous savings in addition to a number of exclusive benefits.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the fact that no minimum spending is required and that it comes with 24-hour customer service in the United Arab Emirates.

There are a number of key features included with the card.

One important feature is the cashback and redemption programme.

This cashback programme, which may be the best in the whole of the UAE, includes guaranteed 10% cashback for telecom expenses, 5% cashback on the purchase of electronics, and 1% cashback on both international and local expenses.

Cashback can be redeemed either via the mobile app or online.

The Easy Payment Plan is another great feature of the Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card.

This plan means that purchases made with the credit card can be split into monthly payments that are more affordable over a period of up to two years.

The Balance Transfer feature means that outstanding balances from different banks can be transferred to the Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card at a profit rate of 0% for a period of six months.

This credit card also offers cardholders a number of different options when it comes to making their card payments.

One such method is for the bank to be instructed to debit the payment from the customer’s current or savings account.

Online payment can be made via the bank’s website, cash payment can be made via the bank’s cheque deposit machine or through an actual branch, and cash payment can also be made with UAE exchanges.

There are also a number of superb benefits that are available to users of the Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card.

One such benefit is that the credit card is free for life with no annual membership fee to pay, provided that the cardholder spends AED5,000 annually with the card.

There is also no fixed minimum spending amount for cashback rewards to be earned, which means that members get cashback for everything they spend, regardless of how much.

Supplementary credit cards are also available, allowing the cardholder to share the deals and benefits that come with the card with their loved ones at no extra charge.

The primary cardholder is able to manage and track all transactions on all supplementary cards, and payment for all the cards can be made with one monthly bill.

Amazing properties all over the world can also be enjoyed with the use of the Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card, which covers world-famous hotels and resorts.

The cardholder is entitled to privileges such as the best rate, free internet, late check-out timings, a US$25 voucher for food and drinks, free continental breakfast and VIP status.

Other privileges that are offered by the card include a two-month Credit Shield, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty, and 24-hour customer service.

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