A new kind of prepaid credit card has been launched by RAKBANK and FC Barcelona in the United Arab Emirates.

It is the first prepaid programme to offer not just a physical credit card but also a virtual solution complete with peer-to-peer transfers.

At activation, the credit cards are pre-loaded with as much as AED100 and are available from a number of Zoom outlets all across the UAE.

Cardholders will be able to enjoy seamless activation as well as fund top-ups and a lot more via the RAKBarça Mobile App.

The regional partnership between RAKBANK and FC Barcelona was consolidated by the launch of the Mastercard-powered FC Barcelona Prepaid Card, which is the newest addition to the product portfolio at RANKBANK Personal Banking.

The offering of the new product has allowed RAKBANK to bring FC Barcelona nearer to its ever-expanding fan base and other UAE sports enthusiasts.

The FC Barcelona Prepaid Card provides users with a more seamless and smarter option for making transactions.

Zoom outlets can be found in the Dubai Metro, in local commercial and residential communities, and at ENOC service stations.

In order to purchase the card pack, customers just have to show a valid Emirates ID.

The RAKBarça Mobile App is aligned with the commitment to innovation within digital solutions espoused by RAKBANK and enables cardholders to monitor transactions and check their balances effortlessly.

It also offers the easy transferring of funds between friends with the use of the SocialPay feature.

The new credit card has been enabled for contactless payments via Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Users of the RAKBANK prepaid card can have their card details added to their smartwatch and smartphone to enable contactless payments and cash withdrawals at sales terminals and eligible RAKBANK ATMs.

The first-of-its-kind new co-branded card follows the exclusive co-branded credit card that emerged in the wake of the strategic partnership between RAKBANK and FC Barcelona in 2018, according to RAKBANK’s managing director of personal banking Frederic de Melker.

De Melker says that during the card’s development, it was vital to focus on the creation of a robust digital interface to allow a seamless customer experience for users.

The prepaid card will particularly appeal to younger and more technologically savvy UAE football fans, offering them a secure and convenient digital payment method for daily purchases.

RAKBANK, also referred to as the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, is one of the most dynamic financial institutions in the UAE.

Originally created back in 1973, it was rebranded as RAKBANK in 2001 and changed its focus from exclusively corporate banking to retail and small business banking.

The bank also provides Islamic banking solutions through RAKIslamic and has 36 branches in the UAE.

FC Barcelona was founded 120 years ago in 1899 and is unique in being owned by its 145,000+ membership.

It is also one of Europe’s most successful clubs of the last decade.

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