The holiday season is fast approaching in the United Arab Emirates, and many people have already started to think about going away on an idyllic holiday.

It is not uncommon in today’s world for Emiratis to travel to countries on the other side of the world to see old friends or meet new people, but travelling can be expensive, particularly in the peak holiday season.

The good news for those who hold travel credit cards is that they can be used to make considerable savings in regard to holiday expenses.

Users of one of the many travel credit cards that are available on the market in the UAE will be able to redeem points against discounted or complimentary hotel stays or air flights.

To ensure that they are getting the most from their travel credit card reward programmes, users need to be fully aware of how to ensure that they are maximising available rewards and how best to redeem them.

Cardholders who are loyal to specific hotel chains would be well advised to sign up to that brand’s credit card in order to be able to make faster deals on bookings that they make with them.

It is also a good idea to choose to sign up to travel credit cards that do not come with blackout dates for those hoping to be able to have their rewards redeemed over the holidays.

There are actually some reward programmes that have restrictions on peak season travelling, so it is a good idea to read the fine print before signing up to these credit cards.

Many credit cards in the UAE offer rewards not just as travel points or air miles but also in the form of other perks that can help users make lots of travel-related savings.

For example, some top-tier travel cards offer their members complimentary access to airport lounges, while others provide free Wi-Fi, taxi ride discounts, or access to distractions.

Credit card users should be fully aware of how to go about making use of such perks before setting off on a holiday so that they are able to make the best use of their credit card while they are away.

Travel insurance coverage is something that many travellers feel pressured into getting – this includes the likes of trip cancellation insurance in the event that a reason arises to prevent travel at the last minute.

The same can apply to the likes of car rental insurance to cover against accidents or theft, but in truth, purchasing such insurance can actually be unnecessary in addition to being expensive.

A number of travel credit cards in the UAE provide users with insurance that covers such things as car rentals and trip inconvenience in addition to medical issues arising while overseas that result in the need for an emergency evacuation.

Before buying any travel insurance prior to going away, users should check the kind of travel insurance that is already being provided by their credit cards.

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