Many credit cards in the United Arab Emirates come with labels such as ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’ and ‘Titanium’ as part of their marketing to customers.

These terms are often based on the benefits that cardholders can expect to receive from the various credit cards that are offered by different providers.

The credit card tiers come with different rates of interest and fees, credit limits, benefits and credit eligibility criteria.

What is the difference between Gold, Platinum and Titanium credit cards in the UAE, and which is best?

In regard to these coloured credit cards, the most durable are definitely Platinum cards.

Platinum cards do not come with a set definition, but they are different from Gold cards and most share a handful of particular features.

These features tend to include the likes of being the top-tier or most expensive card offered by a provider after the Black, Diamond or Titanium card that may or may not be offered.

They often come as a rewards credit card and feature benefits not included on the same provider’s Gold credit card, such as complimentary travel insurance.

Platinum credit cards also tend to charge higher interest rates as they are aimed at higher-income borrowers who will be able to afford complete payment of outstanding monthly debts.

These benefits can be very different across various types of Platinum credit cards, but most of them will be found on each.

However, it is important to take some factors under consideration before you decide to apply for a Platinum credit card.

The interest rates and annual membership fees are much higher than is the case with Gold credit cards, though they also come with a higher minimum credit limit.

Their minimum income requirements also tend to be much higher than those of the Gold credit cards.

Platinum credit cards therefore come with advantages and disadvantages, including exciting perks and privileges but also a large annual fee.

There is little difference between Platinum and Titanium credit cards, even though most providers tend to offer the latter as the next step above the former.

Strict eligibility criteria has to be followed to apply for a Titanium credit card – this includes a minimum monthly income and spending requirement and a maximum and minimum age requirement, and your duration of employment is also taken into account.

Depending on the provider, Titanium cards may have more such requirements in comparison to Platinum credit cards.

There are some extra benefits to some Titanium cards, including the likes of no transaction charges and no late payment fees, which Platinum cardholders are not offered.

Both cards come with annual membership fees, which are normally higher on the Titanium credit card.

Credit limit is often seen as a determining factor in the UAE, and there may not be any such limit imposed on high-income members with a Titanium card.

The idea of becoming a Gold, Platinum or Titanium cardholder can be tempting, but no one should apply for any UAE credit cards without having first considered the expenses and future financial burden.

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