Finance House in Abu Dhabi has announced that Google Pay has been successfully implemented on all of its credit cards.

The move expands the number of contactless services being provided by Finance House, which already include the likes of Contactless Cards and Samsung Pay.

The company’s head of retail finance Al.Amir Gamal says that people in today’s world rely more on digital technologies than ever before.

Gamal adds that a profound shift in the way that people operate has been caused by smart devices.

This has resulted in the transformation of Finance House and the opening of a number of new opportunities for the company.

Gamal declares that the company is proud to be able to announce that Google Pay has been launched to its credit cardholders, joining its other contactless services.

This allows customers to make use of a wide array of payment methods to suit all needs.

Google Pay is a fast and easy way for UAE residents to pay millions of merchants all over the world.

Google Pay offers a convenient way to pay for shopping, dining or travel experiences, whenever and wherever customers want, at any merchant that will accept contactless payment.

Google Pay also protects those payments with an additional encrypted security layer – this provides more protection for UAE customers against fraudulent transactions or duplicate payments.

Gamal says that the launch of Google Pay on Finance House’s credit cards is part of the company’s Digital Transformation Strategy.

With the company continuing to grow and evolve, it will continue to provide its customers with innovative financial solutions in excess of their expectations.

Finance House is proud to be one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions and offers a large number of different contactless services, according to Gamal.

Finance House, which is situated in Abu Dhabi, was established more than 15 years ago on 13th March 2004, and operations began four months later on 18th July.

Financial services and investments are the company’s principal activities, along with retail and commercial financing.

The Central Bank of the UAE licenses and regulates Finance House.

A wide array of innovative services and products has been introduced by Finance House since its inception – these services have been aimed at both the commercial and customer segments.

The Abu Dhabi Exchange lists Finance House as ticker symbol FH.

The Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority categorises Finance House as a Grade One company.

Capital Intelligence rates Finance House as A3 short term and BBB long term – both ratings have a Stable Outcome.

Finance House offers customers a number of credit card options – these options include the CartNet Card and the Platinum Credit Card.

Finance House credit cardholders are also offered a number of attractive discounts at a variety of UAE merchants under a number of diverse categories.

These categories include dining, entertainment and wellness, among others.

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