People in the United Arab Emirates who are still new and inexperienced when it comes to the concept of credit may wonder how they can go about getting a respectable credit line.

The reality is that in order to do this, credit has to be built first.

How can you build credit without having credit in the first place?

Thankfully, this is not as much of a paradox as it might seem in the UAE.

You can begin to build a respectable line in credit by acquiring simple credit cards that come with general rewards and smaller credit limits.

It is important to not go overboard with such cards at the beginning.

As you begin to build your credit line, expanding your portfolio will become a lot easier and will start to allow you access to more luxury credit card accounts and offers.

In order to get a credit card for the first time, it is a good idea to focus your attention on standard credit cards that do not come with a wide array of terms and conditions.

These credit cards will not have the same kinds of rewards or offers, but they offer the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about how to use credit cards in the correct manner.

This means that you will be better equipped to use the more complex credit cards when you build a credit line good enough to give you access to them.

The FAB Standard Credit Card is an ideal credit card to begin with for credit newcomers.

This is a very simple credit card that offers a great learning experience while still providing some fine benefits.

The FAB Standard Credit Card is completely free, provides a handful of lifestyle and travel perks, and even has an option to increase your credit card limit.

Card members will also be given superior customer service if they use the card to buy air tickets, and they will also be offered cashback of up to 5% with no spending requirements and complimentary access to airport lounges.

The similarly free Gold Card is another good option.

The Gold Credit Card provides 55 days of interest-free billing and also provides a benefits package that is more oriented towards protection.

Members are given complimentary travel and medical assistance in addition to Credit Shield Plus and home contents insurance for as little as AED25 every month.

Credit Shield Plus provides protection for those who find themselves unable to meet their minimum monthly payments.

There are also a number of credit card offers from Mashreq Bank, and those who are wanting to build credit would be best advised to choose its Smart Saver Credit Card.

This card offers a number of travel benefits and is also free for life.

The card offers complimentary travel insurance, 5% cashback on local purchases and 1% cashback on international ones.

It also offers as much as 8% cashback at 450 Smart Saver merchant partners and AED250 cashback upon sign-up.

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