The leading banking group in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates NBD, has teamed up with retail conglomerate LuLu Group in order to launch a brand-new co-branded credit card.

The Emirates NBD LuLu 247 Mastercard Credit Card will allow consumers in the UAE to conveniently carry out household shopping with the use of the enormous LuLu store network and earn market-leading rewards in the process.

The co-branded credit card has a 24/7 theme and offers cardholders rewards of as much as 7% on all LuLu store and webstore purchases, 4% on fuel spending, and 2% for payments of utility bills.

Rewards will come as LuLu Points, which are able to instantly be redeemed at more than 70 LuLu stores all over the UAE.

Cardholders will also be able to enjoy a number of exclusive privileges and discounts at LuLu stores in addition to being able to get ‘buy one, get one free’ offers on VOX Cinemas movie tickets.

The managing director and vice chairman of Emirates NBD, Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, says that Emirates NBD is the market leader in regard to payment cards and continues to provide new and innovative products that give customers greater convenience and value.

The partnership with LuLu sees two home-grown brands that are UAE household names come together to provide an unparalleled proposition for customers to earn attractive rewards on everyday and essential purchases.

The managing director and chairman of LuLu Group, Yusuff Ali MA, says that the company is excited to launch this rewarding and unique new credit card in partnership with the leading bank in the region.

Customers will not only receive 7% cashback at LuLu when making use of the 24/7 card but will also receive up to as much as 4% rewards on purchases relating to fuel and 2% on utility bills, which will make it the country’s most popular and valuable card.

Mastercard is delighted to be collaborating with LuLu Group and longstanding partner Emirates NBD to increase convenience and rewards for customers, according to the company’s general manager in Oman and the UAE Girish Nanda.

The Emirates NBD LuLu 247 Mastercard Credit Card was designed for customers in the UAE to give users extra value when purchasing items that they buy most often.

According to market research, customers rank the value of rewards very highly in terms of importance, and the new programme was created to cover essential categories including utilities, groceries and fuel.

Together with the simplicity of LuLu Points redemption, the new card will be the perfect daily companion for consumers.

There will be two variants of the new card, with the Emirates NBD LuLu 247 Mastercard Credit Card available in both Titanium and Platinum form.

New members will also receive a welcome bonus of a maximum of 500 LuLu points and will be able to use a 0% balance transfer programme that transfers existing credit card balances to the new card with no processing fee.

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