Citi’s newly revamped Citi Mobile App has had Global Wallet and PayAll introduced to it.

The introduction of Global Wallet is a first by any bank in the United Arab Emirates.

It allows customers to be able to make overseas purchases without incurring extra charges for currency conversion.

The Citi PayAll service enables customers to make large payments and then earn rewards via the mobile application with their credit cards.

Citi’s GCG business head in the Middle East Dinesh Sharma says that the new generation of the Citi Mobile App will change purchases, practical needs and payment management methods for customers.

Sharma says that the company makes use of the best technology available as well as leading capabilities, especially in regard to mobiles, and places those factors at the heart of the customer experience and digital strategy focus of the bank.

Anyone who is planning to leave the UAE for an overseas trip will no longer have to wait in long queues to exchange their currency or risk going on their travels while carrying a large amount of physical cash.

All that customers will have to do is ensure that their Global Wallet is turned on in their Citi Mobile app and then add their foreign currency accounts.

These will then be immediately linked to their Citibank Debit MasterCard.

The Citibank Debit MasterCard will switch automatically to the currency that you are attempting to make the transaction in, enabling you to make overseas transactions without having to pay additional charges for currency conversion.

As many as eight different currencies are accessible via the Citibank Debit MasterCard, and currencies can also be topped up whenever you discover favourable exchange rates.

There are many reasons why this service might be used by customers.

Customers who travel from the UAE to a destination overseas for reasons of business, leisure or family, or who just use online shopping sites, will be able to benefit from many savings on transaction and foreign exchange fees.

It is also simply much more convenient to be able to access customer accounts in US dollars, Canadian dollars, New Zealand dollars, euros, Swiss francs, Australian dollars, British pounds or Japanese yens with just one single card.

The new Citi PayAll feature also means that holders of the Citi Credit Card are able to earn cashback, airline miles or reward points via recurring or one-time payments, such as rent, all for a small fee.

This feature supports recurring large payments of more than Dh100, such as education fees, property maintenance fees and rent, wherever there is no current acceptance of card payments.

This means that large spending can result in equally sizeable rewards, which can be redeemed by customers for upgrades, cashback, merchandise or free flights.

It just takes a few taps to quickly and easily set up the payments.

Citi is also set to introduce a new feature soon in the form of a convenient redemption option.

This will enable cardholders to pay for purchases made via their Citi credit cards immediately with the use of their Citi miles or reward points via the Citi Mobile App, making the redeeming of reward points even simpler.

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