Samsung is continuing to enhance the mobile payment experience for customers in the United Arab Emirates via a new collaboration with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank.

The collaboration will see the banks given access to the leading digital wallet and digital payment solution Samsung Pay.

The partnership with the two new issuers will see the partnership ecosystem of Samsung Pay extended to provide even more access, choice and flexibility to customers while also increasing the rate of adoption for mobile payments in the UAE.

The new agreement means that all First Abu Dhabi Bank Mastercard and Visa prepaid, debit and credit cards in addition to Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Visa-covered credit cards have now become live on Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile payment service that ensures secure and speedy customer transactions by enabling them to just tap their debit or credit cards in order to make purchases nearly everywhere.

The partnership with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank as payment enablers is an important aspect of the digital solution offered by Samsung Pay in the technologically savvy market in the UAE, says Samsung Gulf Electronics’ mobile business head of enterprises Mohammed Gharaibeh.

Samsung Pay is going to help drive further growth and see digital application use increase within the banks, making sure that the customer experience is free of stress all the way through, according to Gharaibeh.

The service works with Near Field Communication as well as with the company’s own patented Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology.

MST technology enables a prepaid, debit or credit card swipe to be replicated via the wireless transmission of magnetic waves from the Samsung device that is being supported by the system to a standard card reader.

Samsung Pay will also make use of MST to ensure that it can be seamlessly implemented on the great majority of UAE sales terminals.

The UAE was the very first Middle Eastern nation to make use of the service, and only the 14th in the world.

Samsung Pay was previously successfully launched in Korea, Russia, the US and a number of other countries.

The focus of First Abu Dhabi Bank is to provide customers with the latest digital financial solutions, and the new partnership with Samsung will play a significant role in the attempt to make the UAE a cashless society, says the bank’s retail products head and SVP Danielle Murrie.

A growing number of customers want to be able to purchase what they want, how they want, when they want, and where they want, from outlets they trust and with as little hassle as possible, according to Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s head of global retail Philip King.

A new way of engaging customers has been created by Samsung Pay in the UAE by providing a secure new method of making payments.

The new method also helps customers to keep track of how much money they are spending much more easily than was previously the case.

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