Commuters who make use of the airport taxis in Abu Dhabi will now be able to use credit cards to pay their fare, according to a statement that was released on Monday by the Integrated Transport Centre. The move to allow airport taxis to be paid for by credit card, such as those from Samsung Pay and Apple, is part of a number of initiatives being made by the Abu Dhabi transport sector regulator in order to improve the options regarding public transport for both visitors and locals. The Integrated Transport Centre is currently responsible for the regulation of operations of over 6,100 taxis within the capital, a fleet that includes the black, six-seat luxury airport taxis that come with additional baggage space and plush interiors. 

Prior to the new announcement, multiple currencies were already being accepted for fare payments by the Mercedes Vitos taxis, meaning that the new card payment system will just serve as  an additional option. The statement from the Integrated Transport Centre also states that over 1,100 card-based transactions have already been completed after the new payment system received a soft launch last month, and the regulator is also examining the possibility of implementing a number of other online payment options, such as the likes of WeChat and ALIPay. 

The aim of the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi is to have the taxi transport sector in the country developed so that it reaches the levels of quality seen in such services overseas. The reliability, safety and comfort of taxi transport has already been increased by TransAD, thanks to the development of governing principles, laws and regulations, in addition to comprehensive studies of the changes to demand in regard to the need for a taxi service in Abu Dhabi. TransAD monitors that level of demand as well as the quality of service and customer satisfaction by conducting surveys of both passengers and drivers, in addition to frequently auditing taxi franchises and conducting mystery shopper studies. TransAD continues to explore best practices within the field of taxi transport by participating in international workshops and conferences and making use of learning outcomes and new knowledge.

There are many credit cards available for use in the United Arab Emirates, which will no doubt be acceptable as payment for airport taxis in Abu Dhabi, and are generally viewed as essential for people who are living in and visiting the region. With credit cards being so prevalent, and so much competition in the industry, many banks in the UAE now have credit card offers with each card for particular purposes as well as bundles of different benefits. Some of the best credit cards in the UAE include the ADIB Value+ Credit Card, which offers rewards on purchases that are made with the card; the Standard Chartered Platinum Card, which is particularly useful for those who use their cards every day for the likes of entertainment and grocery shopping; and the Majid Al Futtaim Platinum Cashback Card, which is one of the most beneficial cards for everyday spending. 

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