Visa is a payment gateway that enables transactions to be digitised by allowing credit card holders to transfer their money between different accounts. 

Credit cards and debit cards are ways that make this digitisation possible. 

Debit cards are essentially a digitised modern version of the old-fashioned chequebook, with the amount paid for by the card taken straight from the account. 

Credit cards are more of an interest-free loan in the form of plastic money. 

You are essentially being lent money by the bank that has to be paid back at a later date. 

Visa enables this digitisation by offering the platform in which these payments can be made. 

Visa credit card holders have access to almost 1.9 million ATMs across 200 countries all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates. 

There are a number of popular Visa credit cards in the UAE, including Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite. 

The Visa Classic credit card comes with a number of features and benefits including customer service that is available 24/7 from Visa Global Customer Service Assistance.

Also available are cash advances via the Visa Classic credit card and card replacement in the event of emergencies. 

Features and benefits of the Visa Gold credit card include access to a number of different promotions applicable to Visa credit cards. 

Visa Global provides 24/7 customer service and, in addition to cash advance eligibility and a card replacement service, the credit card also gives Visa Gold members access to free legal and medical advice and travel assistance. 

The card also gives exclusive offers such as discount on movies at Roxy Cinemas and discounts on hotel bookings. 

Offers and discounts continually change in order to provide users in the UAE with even greater numbers of benefits. 

The Visa Platinum credit card includes the benefits found on the Visa Global credit card as well as Purchase Protection. 

Purchase Protection means that any item that is paid for with the Visa Platinum credit card, particularly the likes of gadgets and other electronic devices, is protected from damages or theft. 

Extended Warranty is also offered on items bought via the Visa Platinum credit card, which is an excellent method of doubling the warranty period on particular products such as appliances. 

The Visa Signature credit card has been developed by Visa for the purposes of assisting frequent travellers and granting them a variety of discounts. 

The card offers a number of features and benefits above and beyond hotel discounts, Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection. 

Benefits and features exclusive to the Visa Signature credit card include 24/7 emergency assistance from Visa Global Assistant and access to more than 100 airport lounges all over the world. 

The card also provides travel insurance on any tickets booked with it for up to 90 days.

The coverage includes the UAE cardholder and their family members. 

The card also provides 24-hour concierge access and the Dragon Pass, which offers access to 200 airport restaurants. 

The elite Visa Infinite has a bigger limit and requires a higher salary to apply. 

It is accepted all over the world and features almost all the benefits and features of every other Visa card. 

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