Digitally led financial services provider Deem has announced that customers are to be offered up to six new credit card products following the signing of a new agreement with Mastercard.

With a user-friendly and intuitive digital platform, Deem is to allow cardholders to gain access to a large array of affordable and competitive financial solutions that are intended to support customer needs throughout their lives.

The agreement was signed at the MENA headquarters of Mastercard by the latter’s general manager of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, international markets, Girish Nanda, and Deem’s CEO Chris de Bruin.

The new credit cards will be launched in three tiers to suit the requirements of customers: Titanium, Platinum and World.

The tiers will enable users to select between the Miles Up or Cash Up rewards programmes.

The new Deem cards differ from traditional rewards programmes because they are not restricted to particular companies, meaning that cardholders can reap many more benefits without such constraints.

Deem is delighted to be teaming up with Mastercard and is confident that the relationship will flourish and result in many more rewards for customers, says De Bruin.

The launch of the new credit cards is just the beginning of a number of exciting new products currently being developed by the company.

Deem is all about the customer and intends to continue to enter into partnerships that will bring them a greater number of financial benefits, as well as improving their lifestyle.

The new credit cards will enable Deem users to accelerate earning points while they spend and either save them within a wallet or redeem them however and whenever they choose, because they do not come with an expiry date.

Mastercard is known as the payment partner of choice for emerging and established players in the industry and is delighted to be collaborating with Deem to provide consumers with new card and reward options tailored to their lifestyle, says Nanda.

The new products make use of the innovative technology offered by Mastercard in order to streamline payment for Deem customers and make everyday spending seamless, secure and rewarding.

The Cash Up rewards programme offered by Deem enables customers to earn points when they spend money, which can be redeemed whenever they choose.

Redemption can either be as credit on the next item they buy, cashback credit on their card statement, or as online gift vouchers from top brands in the UAE.

Customers are also able to earn as much as 10% Cash Up at department stores and on airline tickets, as much as 5% Cash Up on online entertainment and shopping, and a maximum of 3% Cash Up on utility bills and at supermarkets.

The Miles Up programme offered by Deem is just as rewarding, enabling points to be earned by cardholders and redeemed on travel rewards such as hotel bookings and airline tickets, as well as the latest electronics and gift vouchers.

All Deem credit cards come with attractive discounts and deals on entertainment experiences, tourist attractions, dining, leisure and wellness.

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