The ADIB Etihad Classic Card is one of the highest-rewarding credit cards in the whole of the United Arab Emirates.

There are a number of different rewards that can be earned on this credit card via Etihad Guest Miles, and the card is also fitted with advanced security in the form of CHIP and PIN technology and contactless payments.

Among the highlights of the credit card are a 2.99% profit rate charge, four free supplementary credit cards, and 10,000 guest miles, which are given as a bonus just for signing up.

Among the main features of the ADIB Etihad Classic Card is the CHIP and PIN technology.

This technology helps to make the withdrawal of cash and the purchase of goods and services with the use of the card even more protected.

Another great feature is cash withdrawal, with 100% of the user’s credit limit able to withdrawn.

This facility brings with it a charge of just 3% and a minimum of Dh99.

A minimum payment of as little as just 5% (no less than Dh100) will have to be paid as the minimum monthly payment.

One of the most advanced features on the ADIB Etihad Classic Card is contactless payments.

This feature helps cardholders to make payments with more convenience and much more quickly than ever before.

In order for a customer to submit a successful application to get an ADIB Etihad Classic Card, there are a number of documents that will have to be provided.

The required documents include a certificate displaying your recent salary from your current employer in addition to both the original and a copy of your current Emirates ID and the original and a copy of your current valid passport.

You will also need to provide a bank account statement that includes the last three months.

The ADIB Etihad Classic Card also comes with a number of excellent additional benefits.

Roadside assistance is one of the best benefits associated with this card.

Anyone who has this credit card can get roadside assistance completely free of charge anywhere in the UAE, which includes flat tyre service, lockout service, jump-start service, fuel delivery, and a rent-a-car facility.

This service also includes a towing service within the city limits that can be used up to as many as five times in one 12-month period.

The 10,000 Etihad Guest Miles given to new card owners just as a joining bonus is actually enough for a return trip from Abu Dhabi to the likes of Muscat, Dammam, Riyadh, Bahrain, Kuwait and Doha.

One guest mile reward can be earned on the ADIB Etihad Classic Card for every Dh4 spent on overseas transactions, with 0.75 guest miles for every Dh4 spent on local purchases.

The maximum monthly guest miles that can be earned is 100,000.

One feature that is completely unique to the ADIB Etihad Classic Card is Miles plus Cash, which allows cardholders to travel anywhere on the Etihad Airways network.

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