A number of high-quality credit cards are offered by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) in the United Arab Emirates, with the intention of meeting customers’ diverse lifestyle needs.

One of the best of these is the ADIB Etisalat Gold Credit Card, which offers access to a wealth of exciting benefits and rewards.

Among the highlights that this credit card has to offer are a low profit rate of as little as just 2.99% per month with salary transfer and only 3.09% without it and a cash withdrawal limit of no less than 100%.

One of the main features of this credit card is an interest-free grace period that lasts a maximum of 55 days.

This gives customers plenty of time to repay any outstanding debt, and no profit rate or other charges will have to be paid during this period of time.

ADIB Etisalat Gold Credit Card users can receive up to four complimentary cards from ADIB for eligible family members.

ADIB credit cards also come with a variety of convenient and flexible payment methods, with payments able to be made at ADIB bank branches, Al Ansari Exchange & Al Fardan Exchange, the UAE Exchange and via deposit machines.

This credit card also comes with a number of other benefits.

One of those benefits comes in the form of sign-up rewards.

It is possible to earn 20,000 welcome Etisalat Reward Points just by signing up with this credit card, which equates to more than 10 hours of free talk time in the UAE.

A reward programme called Etisalat Smiles Points is available to users of this credit card.

Reward points can be earned on all AEDs spent, and they can then be redeemed in the form of payment for a number of Etisalat services on the Etisalat Smiles Points official website.

These services include the likes of eLife Service, hotels, car hires, and retail stores, mobile bills, flight tickets, restaurants and the online rewards shop.

Three points can be earned with every dirham spent domestically in addition to international transactions made with the card.

Free access to a number of airport lounges all over the world via Veloce Lounge is also offered with the ADIB Etisalat Gold Credit Card.

No other credit card currently available in the UAE comes with more unique benefits and features than this one, and it also allows users to earn thrilling rewards points.

With so many customer lifestyles being met by just this one credit card, all kinds of different spenders in the region view the ADIB Etisalat Gold Credit Card as a fine option.

ADIB also offers a variety of other credit cards to its customers.

These include the likes of the ADIB Etisalat Platinum Card, the ADIB Booking.com Infinite Card, the ADIB Etisalat Classic Card and the ADIB Edge Card.

Other cards offered by the bank in the UAE are the ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card, the ADIB Etihad Classic Card, the ADIB Visa Etisalat Visa Signature Card, the ADIB Etihad Visa Platinum Credit Card and the ADIB Etihad Gold Card.

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