Founded in 2007, Ajman Bank has now become a prominent Islamic bank in the United Arab Emirates, following the principles of integrity, transparency and trust.

The bank offers a wide array of financial solutions to its customers, but the Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card was specifically designed to appeal to both expats and residents of the UAE.

The credit card comes with a large number of exciting benefits and provides maximum rewards for every purchase that is made with it.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the fees of 0% on international transactions and the ability to use Samsung Pay to ensure that mobile payments are secure.

The Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card comes with a number of important features.

One of those features is secure online purchases.

Ajman Bank offers Chip and PIN and 3D security on its credit card, ensuring that cardholders can make online transactions with full peace of mind and trust that the bank will keep their private financial information safe.

Contactless technology is also offered with this credit card.

Contactless technology assists with making everyday transactions easier and faster and is also one of the card’s safest purchasing methods for a number of different products.

The Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card also offers complete control of your finances via mobile banking.

This means that the credit card is able to be accessed at any time from all over the world with the aid of a multi-function mobile app.

This credit card also comes with a significant number of other benefits.

One of the key benefits is that Ajman Bank will give the cardholder’s family supplementary cards to also allow them account access.

All accounts are essentially treated as one by the bank, allowing the whole family to be able to experience the same benefits as the primary cardholder.

Free airport lounge access is also available to holders of this credit card – the card just needs to be shown at the appropriate juncture.

A balance transfer facility is also provided by this card.

This feature enables cardholders to have their outstanding balances with other banks transferred onto the credit card, with up to as long as 36 months given to repay those balances.

Bright Rewards also come with this card, and members can redeem these rewards across over 300 different airlines on gift vouchers, hotels or flight tickets.

The Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card also comes with a Cash Easy Facility, enabling users to transfer money from the card into their bank accounts and then repay those instalments.

All cardholders with the bank get to make use of the Ajman Bank Traveller App, which provides access to over 1,000 supersaver and ‘buy one, get one free’ offers.

The Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card comes with an enormous array of exclusive benefits and discounts that are sure to meet the daily needs of most cardholders.

Payment with this credit card is accepted all over the world.

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