The Aseel Business Credit Card offers users the freedom and mobility they require in regard to the growth and management of their business.

This credit card from Aseel comes packed with a variety of different features that are designed to assist cardholders to take the next step with their business.

The card is intended to allow users to make the most of their business’s revenue and to better manage cash flow while also providing an enhancement to security and convenience.

This card is Shariah-compliant and offers any business recognition in addition to a wealth of features designed to cut down on costs.

Among the highlights of the Aseel Business Credit Card is the fact that it is accepted all over the world and requires minimal documentation.

The credit card comes with a number of attractive features.

One of the main features of the card is the waiving of the annual fee for the first year.

Reward points are earned every time that the card is used, with the accumulated points able to be converted to cashback on the anniversary of the credit card’s issue.

The card comes with an economical profit rate on the outstanding balance of the user, and the cash withdrawal facility allows for 90% of the credit limit to be withdrawn at a low-profit rate in the event that a business needs cash funds quickly.

The balance transfer facility on the Aseel Business Credit Card means that the outstanding balance of any other credit cards possessed by the cardholder can be transferred to this card.

This assists cardholders to better manage all of their business expenses in one place.

The credit card also comes with a number of perks and benefits.

These perks include payments as low as just 5% on outstanding balances, and splitting purchases into more affordable monthly payments with more flexible payment schedules that can be as long as three years via the Flexible Installment Payment Plans.

The name of the cardholder’s company will be emblazoned on the user’s Aseel Business Credit Card.

This provides all the advantages of a customised credit card, helping with the branding of the user’s business while also being suited for its needs.

As many as six complimentary supplementary credit cards are also available for vital employees or business partners.

Anyone who signs up for this card will also receive a free 30-day trial of the Credit Shield Takaful, which helps to protect the cardholder against any unforeseen circumstances arising after the card has been activated.

The card also provides unparalleled discounts and deals to help cut down on business expenses in regard to hotels and travel, car rentals, gifts, courier services and more.

The card also comes with a free expenses tracking tool – the first of its kind within the MENA region.

This helps with the generation of as many as 12 standardised reports that track spending via the card, merchant and/or any transaction.

The Aseel Business Credit Card aims to provide the maximum amount of features and benefits for the needs of any business.

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