The United Arab Emirates has a vibrant financial industry, and as in any other such country, finding the best credit card in regard to air miles can be quite difficult. 

There are hundreds of different credit cards available to customers in the UAE, and the ideal card for one person may be quite different for another. 

The needs and requirements of the individual need to be taken into account when choosing a credit card, and while there is no single credit card that can claim to be the best for air miles in the UAE, there are some top candidates. 

One of the best credit cards in terms of air miles in the UAE is the Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card. 

Citi actually claims that this card is the best in regard to Skywards Miles in the UAE. 

Every US$1 that is spent on tickets bought via Emirates entitles the cardholder to 2.5 Skywards Miles. 

Every $1 spent internationally earns 1.5 Skywards Miles. 

Every $1 spent locally earns 1 Skywards Mile. 

Other benefits include airport lounge access, complimentary golf access, supplementary perks and dining perks.

The card has an annual membership fee of AED3,000.

Another great credit card for air miles in the UAE is the Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite Credit Card. 

Spending can result in your next travel ticket when you make use of this credit card. 

The earning rate for Skywards Miles with this credit card includes five miles on Emirates and flydubai spending, five miles on overseas spending, and one mile on local spending. 

Other benefits provided to holders of this credit card include complimentary airport lounge access, four complimentary valet parking services, and golf privileges. 

The annual fee for this credit card is AED1,500.

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is another excellent credit card in regard to air miles within the UAE. 

This card is specifically designed to enhance your lifestyle all over the world. 

When you make use of the American Express Platinum Card, membership rewards are earned. 

One membership reward is earned for every AED4 that is spent, and these rewards can be accrued and redeemed from an array of different airlines.

Other benefits associated with this credit card include free Wi-Fi services via Boingo, comprehensive travel insurance, and a complimentary priority pass. 

The annual membership fee for this credit card is AED2,700.

Another great credit card for those in the UAE who are wanting to accumulate air miles is the Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card. 

This credit card promises to make travel easy for the cardholder and offers flexible ways for the highest rewards to be earned. 

Five Voyager rewards are earned with every AED1 that is spent overseas or locally. 

One reward is earned for every AED1 that is spent on utility bill payments, e-government bills, school fees and fuel purchases. 

Other benefits include a two-for-the-price-of-one deal with VOX Cinemas and as much as 50% off dining, travel and entertainment options. 

This card charges an annual membership fee of AED208.85.

The choice of the best credit card for air miles in the UAE is ultimately up to the consumer. 

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