Cashback credit cards are the cards of choice for people in the United Arab Emirates who want their spending to generate instant rewards.

The annual fee for such credit cards in the UAE is usually very low.

Particular spends can also generate discounts of between 1% and 10%.

The UAE market offers a number of excellent cashback credit cards, including the HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback, RAKBank Titanium, Najm One Cashback, and CBD Super Saver.

The HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback credit card has no annual fee for the first year.

There will also be no annual fee for subsequent years if you spend at least AED12,000 in that year.

If you do not spend that much, then the annual fee after the first year will be AED299.

The cashback offers on this credit card include 10% on fuel spending (to a maximum of AED100) and 5% on hypermarket spending (to a maximum of AED200).

The credit card also offers 1.5% cashback on online spending and a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer from VOX Cinemas.

The cashback generated is credited to customers’ statements every month.

The RAKBank Titanium credit card has no annual fee.

The cashback offers on this card include 5% on dining and supermarkets (to a maximum of AED150) as well as 50% on cinema tickets (to a maximum of AED70).

However, the offers are conditional on the cardholder spending at least AED5,000 every month.

The card also offers unlimited lounge access at Dubai, Cairo, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait airports.

The cashback is credited to the credit card statement at the end of every month.

The Najm One Cashback credit card has an annual fee of AED299 plus VAT.

The cashback offers provided by this card are dependent on how many transactions are made in a month.

One to five transactions result in 1% cashback, six to 10 transactions result in 2% cashback, and 11 to 25 transactions result in 4% cashback.

If you perform 26 to 40 transactions, you will see 6% cashback, while 41 to 50 transactions will generate 8% cashback, and 51 transactions or over will result in 10% cashback.

A transaction needs to be over AED75 to be taken into consideration.

There is also a limit on how many fuel, supermarket or utility transactions can be performed within a single month.

No cashback will be received unless the monthly spend is at least AED2,000.

The CBD Super Saver credit card has no annual fee for the first year.

From the second year on, the annual fee is AED800.

The cashback offers on this card include 10% on utility bills, education and transport, and supermarkets.

There is a cap of AED200 on all categories.

AED1,500 needs to be spent in other categories to generate cashback.

The card also gives up to eight airport lounge access visits per year.

If AED5,000 is spent in a month, cardholders also receive a 50% discount on tickets to VOX Cinemas.

Most cashback credit cards in the UAE are easy to get hold of and offer easy ways to get cashback.

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