CBI offers a number of top-of-the-line credit cards, and the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card is one of the bank’s best.

This credit card comes with an exclusive range of benefits without charging an annual membership fee, and can easily into the lifestyle of any user.

Among the many highlights of the card are the exciting dining and lifestyle discounts that are available via its mobile app and the 100% cashback on as many as four monthly complimentary cinema tickets.

There are a number of main features provided by the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card.

One of those features is the ability to gain up to three supplementary credit cards for any eligible family members so that they can also enjoy a degree of financial freedom.

With the supplementary credit cards, the primary cardholder is able to keep track of all transactions.

Another great feature is the Easy Payment Plan, which enables users to have particularly pricey purchases converted to less steep monthly payments at participating retailers in order to cut down on their financial burden.

The purchases are also able to be converted at an interest rate of 0%.

Additional security is also provided for users of the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card, with the 3D secure facility intended to make it safer to use a credit card when shopping online.

In addition to this facility, SMS alerts will be sent to the cardholders’ registered mobile numbers when transactions are made, and users can also access a real-time fraud monitoring service.

CBI credit card members receive automatic enrolment for e-statements.

Cardholders who find themselves in an emergency situation will not need to worry about additional cash as the credit card will be replaced by the bank in such circumstances in order to provide hassle-free banking experiences.

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card provides a cash transfer loan facility with a flat monthly interest rate of 1% complete with flexible repayment periods of up to three years in addition to a 1% nominal processing fee.

The card offers a wide array of privileges and benefits.

One of these benefits is CBI Lifestyle, which provides a unique dining and entertainment programme with a wide array of tempting discounts and ‘buy one, get one free’ offers across thousands of dining, entertainment, lifestyle and wellness outlets.

These offers can be taken advantage of in both the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

The CBI Lifestyle mobile app can be downloaded to phones, and users then just have to register for the programme with the private membership number that is included in their welcome pack.

Primary and supplementary cardholders can get free access to as many as 10 airport lounges.

The Mastercard Priceless Arabia Program offers a large array of lifestyle discounts that are accessible by users of this credit card.

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card is an excellent lifestyle card that provides many privileges and benefits and helps users to get the most from their daily spending.

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