Dubai Islamic Bank is one of the biggest Islamic banking institutions in the whole of the United Arab Emirates and offers customers an array of different credit cards that are Shariah-compliant and can meet a variety of needs.

One of the bank’s best credit cards in terms of providing a multitude of lifestyle, retail and travel benefits is the Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card.

There is no annual membership fee for this credit card, and it also comes with a low Dh5,000 minimum monthly requirement, making it capable of supporting cardholders’ financial goals and lifestyle requirements.

Among the highlights of the Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card is the fact that it comes with travel and personal accident insurance in addition to roadside assistance.

The credit card comes with a number of main features.

One of those features is Credit Shield Takaful, which is designed to cover unforeseen events such as death, involuntary unemployment and permanent disability.

This means that the outstanding credit card balance will be covered up to a particular amount in the event of one of these circumstances taking place for as low as just 0.89% of the card’s outstanding balance.

A number of exclusive privileges and benefits make the Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card stand out from the crowd of other credit cards in the UAE.

One of those benefits comes in the form of the Dubai Islamic Bank Loyalty Program, which is known as Wala’a Rewards.

Instant access to this programme comes with possession of the credit card, which allows users to earn one Wala’a Reward for every dirham that is spent at retail outlets in the UAE.

These can be redeemed for more retail spending or the likes of air tickets, hotel stays, bill payments and so on.

The free travel and personal accident insurance that comes with the Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card upon the purchase of travel tickets includes coverage for delayed departures, medical expenses, and loss of cash and valuables.

Personal accidents, baggage loss and dental care are also covered by this insurance.

As many as three roadside assistance services per year are available to cardholders, as are five complimentary car services.

These services include towing, battery boosting, fuel assistance, off-road pullout and vehicle servicing (one per year for both), flat tyre fixing, lockout service and 50% off an international driving licence.

The Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card is the best credit card for customers who want to get the maximum from every one of their retail purchases.

The credit card comes packed with attractive features and benefits and can meet a number of differing lifestyle requirements.

The Dubai Islamic Bank Johara Classic Credit Card is also a great example of a credit card that entitles users to rewards programmes that enable them to earn Wala’a rewards on retail expenditures, which can then be redeemed for use in a variety of different purposes.

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