The growth of a business can be promoted by ownership of the Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card.

A large array of exclusive rewards and benefits are offered to users of this business credit card.

The Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card’s primary attributes are convenience, flexibility, security and value in order to ensure that the business expenses of cardholders are well managed and that they receive fair rewards for their transactions.

Among the highlights of this credit card is the fact that it is accepted not just in the UAE or the Middle East but also by countries all over the world and that it comes with enhanced security.

The Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card comes with a number of primary features.

One of those features is the fact that multiple credit cards can be given to both business partners and employees to help manage business expenses via just the one account.

The Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card rewards users for every step they take, with each transaction with the card helping to earn El SmartMiles.

Cash Advance and Cash on Call are features that can be of assistance to cardholders in the event of an emergency financial situation.

The Cash on Call feature can be used by getting in touch with the Emirates Islamic 24/7 phone banking service, which will see cash be credited to your company account straight away.

The other option is for users to just withdraw up to 20% of the established credit card limit via the Cash Advance option.

This comes with a transaction cap of as much AED100,000 and is provided with very competitive rates.

The card also comes with the Easy Payment Plan facility, which allows users to better manage their company cash flow by having large expenditures split into more affordable monthly bills that can last up to two years in total.

The Balance Transfer facility on the Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card means that any outstanding balances that the company has with other credit cards can be consolidated onto it, making it easier to manage finances by having them all in one place.

The card provides enhanced security with Chip & PIN technology that ensures that all business transactions remain safe and secure.

The credit card also comes with a number of exclusive benefits.

One of those benefits is complimentary unlimited access to over 750 airport lounges all over the world.

A wide array of benefits aimed at reducing business expenses on services such as hotel bookings, business dining and car rentals are also offered by the Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card.

The best deals for business trips can be availed by using the credit card to book on the Kaligo website for hotels and other international travel expenses.

A 30% discount at top local restaurants for business dinners or lunches is also a benefit to users of this card.

Other exclusive benefits include exclusive services at luxury hotels, business travel, purchase protection and extended warranty, concierge service and multi-trip insurance.

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