Grocery shopping can actually be an exciting experience when you are in possession of the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card.

This credit card rewards holders for using it for the purposes of grocery shopping in addition to other purchases.

Any cardholder who spends money in the Union Coop store will receive an unlimited 5% cashback in the form of Tamayaz points.

Tamayaz points can also be earned on a number of other transactions made with this credit card.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the 6,000 Tamayaz Points given to new cardholders as a welcome gift, medical and legal assistance, and the fact that the card is Sharia compliant.

One of the main features of the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card is that it is free for life, which means that there is no annual fee that has to be paid by the cardholder.

The Union Coop Tamayaz Program allows customers with this credit card to enjoy a number of benefits, including immediate discounts.

Every AED1 spent by cardholders entitles them to two Tamayaz points if spent internationally, one point if spent locally, and three points if actually spent in Union Coop.

Tamayaz points can be redeemed in all Union Coop stores.

Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card members can also get up to as much as 80% of their credit card limit as instant cash thanks to the Cash on Call facility, which is included as another benefit of this card.

Family members of cardholders can also enjoy the benefits of this credit card, with up to as many as four supplementary credit cards provided to family members by the Emirates Islamic Bank.

The card also provides protection to cardholders and their family members with Credit Shield, which covers outstanding credit card debt in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as total disability or accidental death.

Another feature of the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card is the Visa PayWave service.

Visa PayWave is a quicker and more convenient method of making payments, which makes use of chip technology to allow the cardholder to make contactless payments more quickly.

The contactless card can be used to pay amounts of up to as much as AED100.

Cash Advance means that the card can be used to withdraw money from any Emirates Islamic Bank branch or any ATMs all over the world.

There are also a number of exclusive benefits available to users of the Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit Card.

These benefits include a shopper valet service at selected branches, which assists cardholders by accompanying their smart trolley shopping in order to avoid queues and speed up the shopping experience.

One complimentary service can be redeemed by cardholders every month.

Another benefit of this card is an extended warranty, with the manufacturer warranty being doubled for users.

The Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Credit CardOther benefits include complimentary valet parking, international assistance, exclusive golf discounts and purchase protection.

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