An extensive array of benefits and features are provided with the Finance House CartNet Credit Card to allow cardholders to get the most from their daily spending.

In addition to those benefits and features, the credit card offers users a very flexible and secure method of payments to pay off their credit card balances.

The card is considered to be one of the most innovative credit cards currently available in the United Arab Emirates, offering a number of incredible cashback deals.

The card allows customers to earn up to as much as 50% cashback in addition to 200 dirhams, which are instantly credited to their account following a successful referral.

Among the highlights of the Finance House CartNet Credit Card is that there is no annual membership fee charged to users, in addition to no joining fees, and that complimentary/supplementary credit cards are available.

The credit card comes with a number of main features.

One of those features is the Easy Payment Plan, which offers an amazing way for cardholders to cut down on the financial burden they may be carrying.

This feature allows users to easily convert their more expensive purchases into monthly instalments that can be paid across a maximum of one year with a 0% interest rate at participating retail outlets.

Balance Transfer is another great facility offered by the Finance House CartNet Credit Card – this allows the outstanding balance on credit cards from other banks to be transferred to this card with preferential monthly interest rates starting as low as 1.25%.

An Easy Cash feature is also offered by this credit card – this allows cardholders to gain access to 90% of their available credit limit in the form of immediate cash, which can be repaid over a three-year time frame.

The SMS Banking Service that comes with this card allows users to be kept up to date with the latest updates in regard to their credit card while also assisting them with a number of loan facilities with the use of SMS.

This service can be made use of from anywhere and at any time.

The credit card also offers users a number of easy payment options.

These options include online payment, the use of a direct debit facility, and payment via Finance House branches or by exchange houses including Al Ansair Exchange, the UAE Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, Al Bader Exchange and Al Fardan Exchange.

The Finance House CartNet Credit Card also comes with a number of exceptional benefits.

There are exciting deals and discounts from Value House, including a wide array of benefits and deals on the likes of medical treatment, car rentals, shopping, dining, entertainment, fitness, leisure and spas.

Other benefits of the card include Card Fraud Protection Cover and Credit Shield Protection to cover outstanding balances in the event of death, serious illness or disability, or involuntary unemployment.

The card also offers access to Marhaba Airport Lounges across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait as well as UAE cinema discounts.

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