HSBC is one of the largest financial and banking service corporations in the world, and one of its primary goals is to have its customers connected to greater opportunities.

The HSBC Visa Platinum Select Credit Card comes full of reward miles in addition to a wide array of travel and lifestyle benefits.

Among the highlights of this credit card is the fact that it has no annual membership fee and that it features contactless payment and multiple payment options in addition to enhanced security via Chip and PIN technology.

There are a number of important main features with the HSBC Visa Platinum Select Credit Card.

One of those features is the HSBC UAE Credit Cards loyalty programme.

Air Miles are awarded to cardholders whenever they use the card, with 1 Air Mile being given for every AED4 that is spent.

The number of miles that can be earned is limited only by the credit limit on the credit card.

It is easy to redeem Air Miles via the mobile app or the website against a large number of different services, including flights, gift vouchers, hotels and much more.

There are no blackout dates on these rewards.

Miles can be earned faster when shopping with retailers that are partners in the Air Miles programme – these include the likes of Spinneys, Sharaf DG, Toy Store and Careem.

Balance transfer is another great feature, allowing outstanding balances on other cards to be transferred to the HSBC Visa Platinum Select Credit Card at competitive interest rates that begin at 0% for the first year.

The Cash Instalment Plan feature means that cash can be accessed easily via the credit card limit.

Users are given a flexible repayment schedule that can last from six months to up to two years, with very economical interest rates that start at just 0.75%.

The Flexi Instalment Plan allows cardholders to pay in easy and more affordable instalments when purchasing expensive goods, with rates starting at 0%.

Users of the HSBC Visa Platinum Select Credit Card are also granted an interest-free period of up to as many as 56 days in their purchases if they settle their monthly credit card outstanding bill in full.

There are also a number of exclusive benefits that are given to users of this credit card.

One such benefit is the Free HSBC Entertainer App, which entitles users to more than 10,000 offers of the ‘buy one, get one free’ variety across retail, dining, wellness and entertainment.

Users can do this by downloading the app on their mobile phone.

Family members of the primary cardholder can be given supplementary credit cards to allow them to also enjoy exclusive deals and earn miles, at no extra charge.

More than 400 restaurants in the UAE offer cardholders discounts of as much as 30%.

Other exclusive benefits that are given to cardholders include 12% off Agoda hotel bookings and rentals, 15% off four Careem rides per month and purchase protection.

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