The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card provides customers with a wide array of privileges and benefits intended to suit their lifestyle in regard to the likes of travel, adventure, entertainment, shopping, sports and dining.

The credit card also comes with security benefits designed to ensure peace of mind.

Among the highlights of the credit card is the small annual fee of just Dh50 in addition to the fact that there is no maintenance fee charged.

There are a number of basic features that come with this card.

One of those features is simple payment plans, with Mashreq Bank providing customers with simple payment facilities for any purchase made with the card at 0% interest.

Purchase categories include the likes of cosmetics, electronics, retail fashion, home furnishing, travel and jewellery.

Balance transfer is another basic feature of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, allowing customers to clear their balance and make repayments via Equal Monthly Instalments.

No income documentation needs to be provided to make use of this feature, which comes with fixed instalments at attractive interest rates and a repayment period that lasts up to a maximum of three years.

75% of a user’s credit limit can be transferred with this feature.

The credit shield option provided as part of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card offers cardholders a way to ensure that their outstanding balance will be waived in the event of critical illness, permanent disability, involuntary unemployment and death.

The convenient cash facility feature known as Easy Cash is designed for use when cash is urgently required.

The amount credited to the user’s bank account can be received within two days simply by calling the bank or by making use of Mashreq Online, after which they will get instant cash via Mashreq CCDM.

The credit card also comes with a number of excellent benefits.

One of the best benefits of the card is the free access that it provides to more than 700 airport lounges in over 300 cities.

To be eligible to receive two free lounge access services, cardholders have to spend 7,000 dirhams in their last billing cycle with the card, with a maximum of eight visits per annum.

Free visits to certain branches of Fitness First are also offered by the credit card when the spending criteria required to gain this privilege is met.

The credit card creates a world filled with exclusive discounts in a variety of different categories that can be customised to suit the lifestyle of cardholders.

These categories can include such things as a relaxing spa day, a day out with the family, and a gym workout session.

Mashreq Salaam points can be earned for every local and internationally spent dirham, with one point for local purchases and three for international purchases.

Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport also offer cardholders who have met the eligible spending criteria the facility of picking up or dropping off at the airports.

The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card is ideally suited to complement living standards in the UAE.

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