Those people in the United Arab Emirates who want to be able to enjoy their lives with a bit of luxury while still ensuring that their savings are increasing should find that the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card is the perfect choice for them.

The credit card comes with a variety of exclusive deals and offers that are both local and international and include the likes of cashback, financial, lifestyle and travel benefits.

Among the highlights of the card is the fact that members will never be charged an annual membership fee for the entire life of the card, and that there are no such annual fees charged for supplementary credit cards either.

There are a number of features associated with the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card.

One of those features is the simple payment plans, with easy payment facilities being offered by Mashreq Bank for any purchases that are made with the card, with 0% interest rates.

This credit card offers a balance transfer facility that allows the balance to be cleared and repayments made via equal monthly instalments.

No income documentation is needed to make use of this facility, which includes fixed instalments complete with attractive interest rates and a repayment period of up to a maximum of three years.

Up to 75% of the credit limit of the cardholder can be transferred.

SmartSaver offers are also included with this card, including deals across a wide variety of cosmetics, restaurants, electronics, jewellery, supermarkets, home furnishing, retail fashion and book stores and many more.

The convenient easy cash facility that comes with the credit card is designed to be used in circumstances where cash is needed immediately.

The amount can be credited to the cardholder’s bank account within two days either by calling the bank or by using Mashreq Online to receive instant cash via Mashreq CCDM.

The Credit Shield option provided by the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card offers users the facility to have the outstanding balance on their credit card waived in the event of unforeseen events such as death, critical illness, disability and forced unemployment.

The credit card also comes with a number of positive benefits for its users.

One of the main benefits comes in the form of free travel protection insurance from Mashreq Bank, which covers everything from lost baggage to trip cancellation and even overseas medical costs.

This insurance is so comprehensive that travellers with this credit card can just relax and enjoy their trip and not have to worry about what might go wrong.

This insurance also covers Visa application requirements in a number of countries, including Schengen.

Users need to buy their tickets with the credit card in order to make use of this benefit.

All international purchases using the card come with 1% cashback, with 0.5% cashback for all domestic purchases.

A bonus cashback potentially worth up to 8% also comes from SmartSaver merchant partners, with approximately 450 partner stores over 50 famous brands in the UAE, including fashion and retail, supermarkets, auto rentals and health and wellness.

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