The Mashreq sMiles Credit Card offers residents of the United Arab Emirates one of the easiest and most convenient methods of getting free flights.

The credit card enables users to get great value for sMiles that can be earned every time it is used on regular purchases.

This Titanium card also comes with a variety of other benefits for cardholders and has no caps, tiers or thresholds.

Among the highlights of this credit card is the fact that neither the primary nor any supplementary credit cards that may be acquired for family members of the primary cardholders are charged an annual fee.

There are a number of main features associated with the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card.

One of those main features is the Balance Transfer facility, which allows the balance from any other credit cards to be transferred to this card with more attractive interest rates.

This facility is convenient and fast, and is also a great way to save money.

Mashreq Bank also offers an Easy Cash facility with this credit card, allowing users to enjoy a degree of flexibility with their finances at some of the UAE market’s most appealing interest rates.

Simple payment plans are also part of the features offered by the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card, with the ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Pay Later’ facilities making it easy and flexible for users to make payments for larger purchases.

The payment plans allow cardholders to make simple payment instalments over a maximum period of three years at attractive interest rates.

Furthermore, 0% payment plans are on offer from a number of selected retail outlets.

Any travel purchases made by the cardholder can also be converted into these payment plans and then repaid over a maximum period of one year.

Convenient banking services such as online and mobile banking as well as payment flexibility, Chip & PIN security technology, and transaction alerts are also provided by Mashreq Bank to users of this credit card.

There are also a number of major benefits that come with possession of the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card.

One of the primary benefits is that the card offers unlimited free access to Marhaba Lounges at Terminals 1–3 of Dubai International Airport as well as Al Maktoum International Airport and other airports in Egypt, KSA, Jordan and Kuwait.

The Titanium Mastercard also provides cardholders with priceless experiences in the greatest Arabian cities across categories such as dining, entertainment, leisure, sports, adventure and shopping.

The card also provides users with exclusive discounts and an incredible choice of cuisines.

The Mashreq Flavours discount offers as much as 30% off at over 1,800 restaurants in the UAE and 1,300 restaurants in India, Oman and Qatar.

Another travel benefit offered by the credit card is fraud protection as well as multi-trip travel insurance coverage to ensure that users have complete peace of mind when travelling.

A maximum of 30,000 sMiles can be earned spending and paying fees with the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card.

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