There are a wide variety of incredible privileges and benefits offered to customers of the Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card, allowing users to live a life of luxury in the United Arab Emirates.

The credit card includes offers in various areas such as entertaining, dining, lifestyle and travel as well as many others.

There are a number of highlights that come this card, including a 30% discount on the chartering of a luxury yacht and the Marhaba Meet and Greet service.

The Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card comes with a wide array of important features.

One of those features comes in the form of the simple payment plans offered by Mashreq Bank for purchases made with the card, with an interest rate of zero.

There are offers available in numerous categories, including book stores, home furnishing, retail fashion, supermarkets, cosmetics, restaurants and jewellery, among many others.

A convenient cash facility also comes with this credit card, with an amount able to be credited to a user’s bank account within two days just by making a call or going to Mashreq Online and getting instant cash via Mashreq CCDM.

The credit shield option on the card allows outstanding credit balances to be waived in the event of unforeseen events such as permanent disability, death, serious illness or involuntary unemployment.

The balance transfer facility allows the card to clear the credit balance of users and make the necessary repayments via Equal Monthly Instalments, for which no income documentation is required.

The credit card’s balance transfer facility features fixed instalments that have a repayment schedule of up to three years with a highly competitive interest rate.

Up to 75% of the existing credit card limit can be transferred with this card.

There are also a number of great extra benefits for users of the Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card.

Possession of the card allows users to be dropped off or picked up at Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi Airport free of charge, though cardholders will need to have spent at least Dh10,000 in the last credit cycle to take advantage of this offer.

Free trips to Fitness First are also on offer to cardholders at selected branches for those who meet the eligible spending criteria.

One Mashreq Salaam point can be earned as a reward for every dirham spent locally, with three Mashreq Salaam points able to be earned for the same amount that is spent internationally with the card.

The Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card also gives users free access to over 900 airport lounges all across the world, with primary and supplementary cardholders able to avail themselves of this benefit in addition to a complimentary guest.

Free golf at certain premium golf courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can also be enjoyed with the Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card, and a partner is able to join in the fun at no additional cost.

Other benefits of the card include free valet parking, discounts on fine dining, and multi-trip travel insurance.

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