Mawarid Finance is an Islamic Finance Company in the United Arab Emirates that provides an inventive array of products and services to its customers.

Among the products that Mawarid Finance offers is the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card, which is designed to be committed to Shariah principles while also offering maximum convenience.

The credit card is accepted all over the world but also comes with a large range of rewards and benefits to enhance the flexibility and simplicity of the user’s lifestyle.

The card aims to become a vital part of the user’s life by being able to provide a service wherever it is needed.

The card comes with very attractive profit rates, as well as providing rewards for every purchase and SMS alerts free of charge.

One of the major features of the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card is that it is free for life.

Cardholders are not charged any annual fee during the lifetime of the credit card.

Every time that the card is used to make a purchase, you will be eligible to earn a number of rewards.

These rewards can then be redeemed in the form of cash credit.

Another great feature of the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card is that it allows users to transfer all outstanding balances from other banks to the card.

This makes it much easier to manage all of the balances because they are now all in the same place, and the profit rates are also appealing, beginning at 0% for the first six months.

The balance transfer option does come with a one-time processing fee, the details of which are listed on the official bank website.

Another feature of the card is the easy payment plan, which allows large purchases to be split into smaller instalments per month for up to six months.

The cash withdrawal facility that also comes with the card means that as much as 30% of your overall credit limit can be withdrawn from any Mastercard-friendly ATM.

The Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card also comes with a number of exclusive benefits to cardholders.

One of those benefits is complimentary access to more than 900 airport lounges in more than 450 cities and as many as 135 countries all over the world.

There are also a number of exciting deals and massive discounts on offer to cardholders across shopping, dining, wellness and entertainment with partner outlets all over the UAE.

Cardholders are also given access to the Mastercard For You app, which includes ‘buy one, get one free’ offers in a number of different services.

Convenience is one of the main selling points of the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card, which is why the account is accessible from anywhere in the world and at any time via the Marawid Finance app.

This app enables easy and clear access to customer card accounts and services, including card activation and transaction and payment reviews.

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