Najm is a subsidiary company of Majid Al Futtaim Ventures, with the bank providing its customers with a range of top-quality credit cards.

One of the best credit cards that this bank provides is the Najm Once Cash Back Credit Card, which allows users to make savings every time they make a purchase with it.

This is, in fact, the only such card in the whole of the United Arab Emirates to increase cashback as the number of transactions made with the card rises.

Monthly cashback savings are also directly credited to cardholders’ statements.

In addition to the cashback on transactions made with the card, the Najm One Cash Back Credit Card provides a wide array of benefits and features that no other credit card in the UAE is able to match.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the convenient and easy payment facility and the interactive SMS services that are offered to users.

There are a number of primary features that come with the card.

One such feature is the Najm One Cash Back Credit Card Easy Payment Plan, which enables cardholders to have their more expensive purchases converted to monthly instalments at 0% interest with participating retail outlets.

Loan on Phone is another feature of this credit card – this allows members to request as much as 70% of their available credit limit in order to take care of expenditures, with repayments able to be made at very low interest rates.

A Direct Debit facility is also provided by the bank with this credit card – this allows for the automation of monthly payments straight from the bank account of cardholders to make sure that payments are fully made before their due date.

There are also many benefits on offer from the Najm One Cash Back Credit Card that range from dining and leisure to entertainment and many more.

As the name of the card suggests, cashback is a very important benefit of this credit card.

1% cashback can be earned on purchases for up to 10 transactions.

2% cashback can be earned when between 11 and 25 purchases are made with the card.

4% cashback can be earned when between 26 and 40 transactions are made.

6% cashback can be earned when between 41 and 50 transactions are made.

8% cashback can be earned when between 51 and 60 transactions are made.

When over 61 transactions have been made using the card, 10% cashback is earned on all purchases.

Cardholders can get ‘buy one, get one free’ movie tickets and popcorn at VOX Cinemas all over the UAE.

A discount of 30% is also available when this card is used at over 450 partners across travel, dining, entertainment and shopping.

Insurance benefits provided by the card include the Global Emergency Assistance service, the Takaful protection plan for personal accident cover, free lifestyle protection, and the comprehensive protection service of MyGuard.

Savings can be made on all purchase categories when you hold the Najm One Cash Back Credit Card.

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