The National Bank of Fujairah, also simply referred to as NBF, is one of the United Arab Emirates’ most respected corporate banks.

The Classic Credit Card offered by NBF helps customers to take a first step toward realising their dreams, offering great deals for those starting a new job or looking for a new beginning in their lives.

Among the highlights of the card is the fact that it is accepted all over the world and that it offers supplementary cards for family members of the primary cardholder.

The NBF Classic Credit Card has a number of main features.

One of the most important features is the Easy Instalment Plan, which allows users to have larger and more expensive purchases converted into monthly payments.

The flexible repayment schedule that comes with the Easy Instalment Plan begins at three months and also offers very attractive interest rates that are as low as just 0%.

When the credit card is used to make international payments, the money is converted to US dollars from the transaction currency based upon current foreign exchange rates.

All transactions are converted back into AED upon payment for the user’s convenience.

NBF charges a 2.5% fee for overseas transactions.

The NBF Classic Credit Card offers enhanced security on all transactions and has two methods of ensuring that security.

The first method is with the use of mobile banking and alert services, sending customers SMS alerts so that credit card transactions can be tracked.

This service is free and ensures that customers are kept updated on transactions as well as payment due date reminders, issued card statements and card servicing payments.

The second method involves Visa PayWave and Chip & PIN technology.

The balance transfer facility that is offered by the card allows all outstanding credit card balances to be transferred to it, not only making it more convenient but also providing a repayment schedule of up to as long as two years and attractive interest rates.

The NBF Classic Credit Card also provides users with a number of exclusive benefits.

The Draft Facility means that cardholders who are faced with unexpected and immediate expenses can get hold of instant extra funds of as much as 70% of their credit limit.

Those funds can then be repaid via a flexible schedule.

As many as four supplementary cards can be given to eligible family members of the primary cardholder, allowing them to enjoy the rewards and benefits of the card.

The card is accepted at more than 840,000 ATMs and more than 20m establishments all over the world.

Cash is able to be physically withdrawn from bank branches over the counter.

The card also offers 60% cashback on cinema tickets at Reel Cinemas, VOX Cinemas and Roxy Cinemas, a cash advance of up to 40% of the card limit, and direct debit.

There are also a number of other exclusive benefits and deals on entertainment, travel and dining for holders of this card.

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