The most prestigious card that customers of the National Bank of Fujairah can be offered is the NBF Infinite Credit Card, which comes packed with exceptional spending power, service, convenience and personal privileges.

The credit card allows users to be able to enjoy cashback on all retail purchases as well as a 24/7 concierge service, exclusive dining, leisure and travel deals, and access to airport lounges.

Among the highlights that the card has to offer is the fact that while it is a card from the United Arab Emirates, it is accepted all over the world, and that international transactions can be carried out at economical charges.

The NBF Infinite Credit Card comes with a number of important features.

One of those main features is cashback rewards.

This means that for every dirham spent with the credit card, customers can get cashback of up to 3%.

Any retail purchase made via this card is eligible to receive cashback, with no minimum purchase amount and unlimited cashback.

1% cashback on local spending and 2% on international spending will be received by cardholders who spend up to AED999.

1.5% cashback on local spending and 2.5% on international spending is given to users who spend between AED10,000 and AED19,999.

For users who spend more than AED20,000 with the card, there is 2% cashback on local spending and 3% on international spending.

Another important feature of the NBF Infinite Credit Card is the Easy Instalment Plan.

This means that expensive one-off purchases can be paid for in more affordable monthly instalments within a flexible time period that begins from three months and appealing interest rates commencing at 0%.

The Cash on Call feature means that extra funds can be accessed with this facility in the event of an immediate need, with as much as 70% of the card’s limit able to be transferred to cardholders’ accounts.

This feature also comes with flexible options for repayment beginning from three months.

The NBF Infinite Credit Card also comes with enhanced security.

Visa PayWave provides great convenience and high security while speeding up transactions by being a ‘Tap to pay’ feature.

Mobile banking or SMS alerts also help to secure payments and keep customers updated about their account any time a credit card statement is issued, a transaction is made with the card, and card servicing payments are deducted.

The SMS alert system can also be used to send payment due date reminders.

Balances on all other credit cards can be transferred to the NBF Infinite Credit Card with the Balance Transfer facility, which comes with repayment periods of up to two years and attractive rates.

Cash advance allows money to be withdrawn against up to 40% of the credit limit via any Visa-friendly ATM all over the world or at all local and international banks.

The Direct Debit feature means that cardholders can use their NBF account to pay their entire monthly debt or the minimum payment.

Exclusive benefits of the card include cinema deals; multi-trip travel insurance; an extended warranty on purchases; and exclusive deals on dining, shopping and travel.

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