The NBF Platinum Exclusive Credit Card comes packed with one of the Platinum Category’s most exclusive reward programmes in the whole of the United Arab Emirates.

Cardholders who make a purchase with their Platinum Exclusive Card will receive a cashback reward of up to 2%.

Among the highlights that this credit card has to offer is customer service that is available 24/7, interest-free credit for a period of up to 50 days, and low finance charges.

One of the main features of this credit card is Cash Advance.

This means that cardholders can withdraw as much as 40% of their current credit limit at any ATM that accepts Visa anywhere in the world.

Any bank branch can also facilitate cash withdrawal.

Balance Transfer means that any outstanding balances can be transferred to the NBF Platinum Exclusive Credit Card with interest rates as low as 0%, as well as flexible repayment schedule options ranging from three months to up to two years.

With the Easy Instalment Plan, the cost of bigger purchases can be split up into part payments every month that are more affordable.

The interest rates offered with this feature can also be just 0% with a flexible repayment schedule that starts at three months.

With the Cash on Call feature, 70% of users’ existing credit limit can be transferred to their account if extra funds are needed in an emergency.

This also features a flexible repayment schedule that begins at three months.

The Direct Debit Facility feature allows for complete payment or just the minimum required monthly amount with the use of the cardholder’s NBF account.

The NBF Platinum Exclusive Credit Card also comes with a number of inline benefits for users.

These benefits include a cashback programme, which means that every dirham spent with the credit card earns up to 2% cashback.

Any retail spending committed with the card also entitles users to cashback that has no minimum spending requirement and also means that the amount of earnable cashback is limitless.

1% cashback will be earned if up to AED9,999 is spent with the credit card.

1.5% cashback will be earned if between AED10,000 and AED20,000 is spent with the card.

2% cashback can be earned if over AED20,000 is spent with the credit card.

Family members over 15 years of age will also be able to earn cashback and take advantage of the exclusive deals associated with the NFP Platinum Exclusive Credit Card.

Cardholders can be provided with as many as five supplementary cards.

60% cashback can also be earned on cinema tickets in the UAE when buying tickets at Reel Cinemas, Roxy Cinemas and VOX Cinemas.

There is a cap of AED150 on this deal per statement cycle.

Cardholders also have access to exclusive deals on the likes of entertainment, travel and dining all over the world.

The card is accepted internationally at more than 20m different establishments and 840,000 ATMs.

Any bank branch can be used to withdraw cash from via the card.

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