Anyone in the United Arab Emirates who is looking for a credit card that allows them to enjoy travel perks and benefits need look no further than the RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card.

This credit card offers rewards to its users as Air Reward Points that can be accrued on any and all transactions.

The card also provides a number of other lifestyle, travel and financial benefits to make everyday living in the UAE that much simpler.

Among the highlights of this credit card are offers on dining and shopping as well as air rewards on all purchases bought locally and internationally.

The RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card comes with a number of primary features.

One of those features is RAKBANKMoneyTransfer, which provides the facility to have funds transferred by visiting the nearest branch or with the use of digital banking regardless of the customer’s location.

Funds can be transferred to the likes of Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and Europe, among many other places all over the world.

The Easy Payment Plan feature makes shopping simpler for cardholders by allowing particularly expensive purchases to be paid for in instalments for up to 12 months with no interest at participating retailers.

RAKBANK credit card members also get a no-interest duration period of up to 55 days.

A cash advance of up to 80% of the limit on the RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card is also available.

3.45% is charged by the bank on cash advance, and there is also a fee of either 99 dirhams or 3%, depending on which is largest.

The bank also allows cardholders to pay a low minimum payment of just 3% in any billing month, with the due date being 25 days from the date on the statement.

This credit card also comes with a number of other benefits for users.

One such benefit is that from the second year of card ownership, users are not charged an annual fee provided that they spend 20,000 dirhams within the year.

There are also no annual charges, and no minimum spending limit to achieve this, on any supplementary cards.

If you are a new Careem user and are in possession of this card, the first ride can be got completely free of charge, with 20% off subsequent rides for as many as three rides within one month.

The RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card provides a number of shopping benefits, including 60% off purchases made at Bicester Shopping Village Collection and European Shopping villages.

Complimentary membership of MyUS Premium Shopping facilities can also be enjoyed by cardholders.

Maximum discounts of 30% are also offered on more than 2,000 UAE restaurants with this card, and complimentary travel insurance is also included.

Cardholders can get 30% off hotel and airline bookings and unlimited access to airport lounges in the UAE and elsewhere in the Middle East in addition to international lounges in the likes of the UK, the US, Canada and Europe.

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