RAKBANK is one of the leading banks in the whole of the United Arab Emirates, particularly in regard to credit cards.

A wide array of credit cards is offered by this bank, many of which come packed with unprecedented benefits and features.

The RAKBANK Geant La Carte Mastercard Credit Card is one of the bank’s best cards, and is very popular with customers because of the many lifestyle benefits that it offers.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the many offers provided on dining and shopping and a 3% minimum monthly payment amount.

There are a number of excellent features offered by the RAKBANK Geant La Carte Mastercard Credit Card.

One of the best features offered to cardholders by the bank is the very low minimum payment of just 3% in one month.

The payment due date is 25 days from the date on the statement.

No-interest periods of up to 55 days are also offered by RAKBANK to members who are in possession of this credit card.

The RAKMoneyTransfer service provided by the bank means that digital banking can be used to transfer money by visiting the bank or from anywhere else.

Funds can be transferred to a number of countries and regions all over the world, including the likes of Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Syria and Europe.

A cash advance of up to as much as 80% of your credit limit can also be given to cardholders, with a fee of either 99 dirhams or 3%, depending on which is largest.

There is also a 3.45% charge from the bank on cash advance.

The Easy Payment Plan is a great way that the RAKBANK Geant La Carte Mastercard Credit Card is able to make shopping simpler for users.

Large purchases made with the credit card are able to be converted into instalments of 0% interest for between three and 12 months with a number of participating retail outlets.

Certain charges are associated with this credit card in regard to using it to make international transactions.

These charges include 2% of the transaction amount for non-AED currencies and 5% of the transaction amount in dirhams.

There are also a variety of different benefits that come with this credit card.

One great benefit is that neither the main card nor any supplementary cards come with an annual fee, making them free for life.

With RAKfoodie, cardholders can get a maximum of a 30% discount at more than 2,000 restaurants across the UAE.  

Other benefits offered by the RAKBANK Geant La Carte Mastercard Credit Card to its users include a low rate of interest and privileges on dining and shopping.

RAKBANK customers are enamoured with this credit card thanks to its innumerable benefits and features such as easy cash transfer to other countries and the lack of any annual fees.

Cash advance facilities with low fees and the number of benefits on the likes of shopping and dining have also contributed to the card’s continued popularity.

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