The RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card offers a wide array of benefits, discounts, privileges and rewards to users, even if they are not currently in the United Arab Emirates.

The credit card is not restricted to any single airline, meaning that cardholders can choose to fly with over 300 different airlines when travelling and still gain redeemable rewards.

There are a number of highlights with this card, including monthly rewards on all card spending both locally and internationally, and a minimum payment of just 3% per month.

There are some impressive features that come with the RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card.

One of those features is an interest-free tenure of up to 55 days to cardholders.

RAKBANK Money Transfer is another great feature – this allows funds to be sent either through a local branch or via digital banking regardless of the customer’s location.

These funds can be sent to a number of different places in the world, including Europe, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Philippines and India.

The Simple Payment Plan feature means that shopping is made easier for consumers with this credit card.

Big, expensive purchases can be made more affordable by converting them into smaller monthly payments of up to a year in duration, depending on the merchant.

There are also a number of exclusive benefits that come with the RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card.

RAKfoodie is one such benefit – this gives cardholders a discount of up to as much as 30% at over 2,000 restaurants within the UAE.

Purchase protection offers a financial safeguard in the event that an item bought via the credit card is stolen or accidentally damaged.

The credit card also provides Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance, which covers users in the event that an accident happens while they are travelling.

Various ‘buy one, get one free’ offers can be enjoyed by RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card users across Africa and the Middle East on the likes of attractions, cafés, dining and entertainment.

The Mastercard For You app is the method by which cardholders can make use of these offers.

Users can also download the Careem app and get the first ride free of charge after they register as a new customer.

There will also be a discount of 20% on rides for up to three rides per month.

There is also unlimited free access to over 10 CAC and Marhaba airport lounges in the UAE, KSA, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait as well as 15 regional and international LoungeKey lounges in the likes of Canada, Singapore, the UK, the US and more.

A 15% car rental discount in the Middle East, Asia and Europe is enjoyed by cardholders, as is a 12% discount in the US and Canada.

Up to as many as 350,000 rewards are offered by this card in a month in all domestic and international purchases.

0.35 RAKrewards can be earned with every dirham spent with the card on utility bills, telecom and payment for government services in addition to car rentals, petrol/gas stations, transport and real estate.

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