The RAKBANK nmc Credit Card was developed in collaboration with healthcare sector leader the nmc Group, and provides users with wellness and health benefits.

In addition to this, cardholders are also granted a number of other very rewarding benefits and features.

Among the highlights of the nmc Credit Card are many offers on shopping and dining, cashback on all domestic and international purchases, and a minimum monthly payment amount of just 3%.

There are a number of truly excellent features that are available to users of the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card.

One of the best features of the credit card is Cash Advance.

This allows cardholders to get cash advance of up to as much as 80% of their credit card limit, for which they will be charged either 99 dirhams or a 3% fee, depending on which is greater.

Cash advance also comes with a 3.45% fee from the bank.

No-interest days of up to a maximum of 55 days are also provided to holders of this superb credit card by RAKBANK.

The Easy Payment Plans facility that comes with the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card means that shopping has been made a whole lot easier for cardholders.

Large purchases can be paid for in instalments with 0% interest from between three months to a year when bought from a variety of participating retailers.

The RAKBANKMoneyTransfer service means that while customers can still visit their local branch to send money, they don’t have to as it can now be done with digital banking.

Cardholders are able to transfer funds to many countries all over the world, including a number of nations in Europe as well as the likes of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines and Nepal.

The RAKBANK nmc Credit Card also comes with a number of fantastic benefits.

One of these benefits is RAKfoodie, which allows cardholders to get a maximum discount of up to 30 restaurants at more than 2,000 restaurants all over the United Arab Emirates.

Another excellent benefit is that there are no annual fees with this card, making it free for life.

Unparalleled discount offers are also enjoyed by users of this credit card, with offers from nmc pharmacies, opticians, jewellers, beauty salons, hospitals and restaurants.

The card also allows users to earn while spending, with cashback offered at 1% on international transactions, including cash advances and internet purchases.

A 1% cashback offer also extends to local purchases, though a minimum of Dh1,000 must be spent with the card every month for that to apply.

0.25% cashback can also be obtained with every dirham that is spent on telecom and utility bill payments as well as government services, real estate, transport stations, car rentals and petrol or gas.

A maximum 300 dirham discount can be earned within just one billing month on both domestic and international purchases.

There are many co-branded credit cards available from RAKBANK, with the nmc card particularly suited to those interested in healthcare benefits.

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