The RAKBANK Red Credit Card allows users to be able save much more with a 1.5% maximum off transactions, whether they are local or international.

In addition to savings, cardholders can also take advantage of a number of other incredible benefits as well as a very low rate of interest.

The benefits that this credit card provides will help users to keep up with the luxurious lifestyle that it is possible to enjoy in the United Arab Emirates.

The credit card comes with a number of major highlights, including a cash advance limit of no less than 80% of the limit and no annual fee.

The RAKBANK Red Credit Card also offers a number of primary features.

One of these features is the RAKMoneyTransfer service, which offers the facility for the transfer of funds either by visiting the bank directly or with the use of digital banking, regardless of the customer’s location.

Funds can be transferred to the likes of Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Europe, Sri Lanka and a number of other locations throughout the world.

International remittance is another important feature of this card.

This allows cardholders to save on the charges that are incurred by sending funds to other nations via one free remittance with the card per month.

The service is available through RAKMoneyTransfer via bank branches and digital banking.

Cardless payments via Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay or Apple Pay can also be enjoyed, as can cardless withdrawals via contactless-enabled ATMs.

Shopping has been made simpler thanks to the RAKBANK Red Credit Card.

The Easy Payment Plan feature means that big purchases are able to be converted to 0% payment instalments that can last for three months to a year, with a number of merchants participating in the scheme.

This credit card also comes with a number of notable benefits to users.

One such benefit is RAKfoodie, which allows cardholders to make use of a discount of as much as 30% at more than 2,000 restaurants in the UAE.

The card also features Credit Shield insurance via RAKInsurance.

This cover means that the bank offers protection on the outstanding balance of the card in the event of unexpected events.

The Red Credit Card from RAKBANK has a number of other ways to enhance the savings made by users.

One of those ways is a discount of 1.5% on domestic and international transactions, which is represented on the credit card statement as savings upon spending a minimum of Dh1,000 every month.

A discount of 0.25% is also available to cardholders on every dirham spent on telecom bills and utility payments, as well as car rentals, petrol/gas, transport stations, real estate and government services.

A discount of 1% is credited when spending between Dh1,000 and Dh2,999.

A discount of 1.5% is credited when spending Dh3,000 and over.

The maximum discount that can be earned in a month is 300 dirhams.

The RAKBANK Red Credit Card is ideally suited to UAE residents who are looking to save more without spending less.

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