Sharjah Islamic Bank, commonly referred to as SIB, has been operating for over half a century now since 1975 and offers banking services and products to individuals and businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Initially founded under the name the National Bank of Sharjah, in 2002 it became the first bank to be converted to Islamic Banking, with its specialised services and products converted as per Islamic Regulations along with the rest of the organisation.

SIB currently offers a wide array of Shariah-compliant corporate, investment and retail services.

The Sharjah Islamic Bank Titanium Smiles Credit Card is one of the products that the bank offers.

The card is able to provide everything from airline bookings and hotel stays to car rentals and a Smiles reward programme that gives customers reward points every time they purchase anything with their card.

Among the highlights of this credit card are the complete lack of any annual fee, access to airport lounges, and the fact that it is Shariah-compliant.

There are a number of key features to this credit card.

One of those features is the Smiles Rewards programme, which gives cardholders a reward every time the card is used to make a retail transaction.

One smile point is earned with every AED2 spent locally, with two smile points earned for every AED2 spent internationally.

Smile points are able to be redeemed across a wide array of services that come with no cash payment for taxes and surcharges and no blackout dates.

Accumulated Smile points are able to be redeemed as a free flight with more than 300 airlines to and from anywhere, shopping on the SIB Online Store App from more than 13,000 items, and as retail vouchers for stores such as and Sharaf DG.

Smile points can also be redeemed for free hotel stays in over 300,000 international properties.

Cardholders can get hold of instant cash if they require immediate funds, with as much as 80% of the credit card limit able to be withdrawn in cash form for a fee of 3.15%.

Users of the Sharjah Islamic Bank Titanium Smiles Credit Card can also make minimum monthly repayments of as low as just 5% of the repayable amount.

There are also a number of exclusive benefits available to cardholders.

These benefits include the SIB Mobile App, which offers amazing deals both within the UAE and in other countries.

The card gives access to the Mastercard app, offering hundreds of ‘buy one, get one free’ offers across a number of different services, including the likes of retail, wellness and entertainment.

Loved ones can also enjoy the benefits that are offered by the card by enrolling to get supplementary cards.

Users get great rewards every time they make use of the Sharjah Islamic Bank Titanium Smiles Credit Card and also receive exclusive benefits at attractive rates across leisure, retail and travel, making it one of the best credit cards in the UAE.

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