Standard Chartered has been a familiar presence in the United Arab Emirates for more than 60 years now.

Standard Chartered is fully committed to assisting its customers with money management in the best possible ways.

Holders of the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card can receive a value back of as much as 7.5% for shopping and will also get to experience a whole new world of unparalleled privileges.

Among the highlights that this credit card has to offer are 3D security and mobile payments as well as the Shukran Rewards system.

These rewards and the value back system are among the card’s most important features.

Cardholders are eligible to earn a higher number of Shukrans when items are bought from partner retailers, though Shukrans can still be accrued by making purchases with all non-Shukran participating partners.

Shukrans can be redeemed across a wide array of services, including the likes of footwear and home furnishing, and from more than 44 different brands.

7.5% value back can also be earned on shopping spending, with the bank’s official website providing more details on the number of spending categories as well as their respective value back.

Another great feature of the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card is Balance Transfer.

This allows users to transfer any outstanding balances they may have with the credit cards from other banks onto this one and then pay it all back across a six-month period with no interest.

Family members can also take advantage of the unparalleled privileges offered by this credit card and also earn Shukrans as they are allowed to enrol for supplementary credit cards.

Cardholders can get two supplementary credit cards for family members at no extra charge, though a fee of AED105 is charged for any further supplementary cards that may be requested.

The Cash Advance feature means that the card can be used to withdraw the maximum allotted cash limit on the credit card from any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard.

The Fixed Payment Plans feature means that funds can be transferred from the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card to any and all bank accounts, with a dedicated helpline available to provide funds to customer at economical rates.

Purchases priced AED1,000 or over can be split into six more affordable monthly instalments via the credit card.

While there is a small processing fee for this service, these instalments come with 0% interest.

Financial security for cardholders and family members in the event of adverse circumstances is provided by the card’s Credit Shield Insurance.

The card also comes with a number of exclusive benefits to cardholders.

These benefits include free access to more than 10 airport lounges within the Middle East and the Levant.

The Digital Wallet function allows users to pay on the go with no fuss via either Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

The SC MasterPass offers convenience to customers as they shop by saving shipping and credit card payment details.

The Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card offers benefits across all areas of life.

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