Residents of the United Arab Emirateswho are planning an overseas holiday may be wondering if it is a good idea to take their credit card with them. 

However, some UAE credit cards may not even be accepted in a foreign country, making it crucial to make sure that you do some research beforehand to avoid your holiday being filled with hassle. 

The good news is that there are a number of tips that can be followed if you would like to make use of your UAE credit card without any problems overseas.

The first and arguably most important piece of advice for those wanting to be able to use their UAE credit card in a foreign country is to tell your cardholder about your upcoming holiday and the place in which you are likely to be making use of your card. 

Even if your UAE credit card is able to be used internationally, charges such as processing fees and foreign transaction fees are still likely to be incurred, so if you are aware of this and are expecting it to happen, you will be prepared rather than unpleasantly surprised upon arrival of your credit card statement. 

No one can predict when something unfortunate might happen, so it is a good idea to always carry at least one additional credit card or some form of local currency as well as your main credit card just in case it is lost or stolen. 

Getting carried away while on holiday is a common occurrence, but this can be avoided by making sure to convert the foreign prices into your local currency so that you are aware of exactly how much money you are spending and whether it is within your allotted travel budget and credit limit. 

When eating out or shopping in a foreign country, you may be offered the option of paying in either the local currency or your home currency – however, the latter should always be avoided as not only are the implied exchange rates usually inaccurate but doing so will also cost extra money in the form of conversion fees. 

You should also never use your credit cards or bank accounts with public Wi-Fi or in hotspots, as these can be very vulnerable to hackers, who may be able to find out your bank or credit card details. 

Receipts of everything that you purchase while on holiday should be safely stored away, as this will not only be of assistance when going back to the UAE through customs but also when you tally your credit card statement. 

The moment that you arrive in your overseas destination, you should ensure that your cardholder is notified of your local contact number for the duration of your stay.

You should also take a note of your card provider’s customer service contact information so that you can contact them immediately in the event that you have any problems, including the loss or theft of your card. 

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